Month: December 2019

Easy Ways to Get Loans Without Collateral

Loans without collateral means that you do not give up any collateral or collateral to the lender. That way, the risk of losing assets or valuables that you have when you are unable to repay becomes smaller because the lender does not have the power to confiscate your assets. These loans are very profitable but Read More

Make a Loan to Get Profit

In loans or debts there is an obligation to pay back the money you have borrowed. These obligations become a burden in the future when the debt is due. Not to mention, there is usually an interest expense that must be borne by the borrower. This makes many people do not want to go into Read More

See where you can borrow USD 14000

Do you need a loan of USD 14,000? Then we can help you find the best and cheapest loan of USD 14000 online. It’s easy, cheap and safe, and you can spend the money exactly as you like. Here you can get an overview of the market and your opportunities. See where you can borrow Read More

Home budget – how to plan monthly expenses? | Loan Portal

Imagine a company boss who doesn’t know what’s happening with the money in his company. This is not a good thing about it, and it may end up with a complete lack of control over your and your employees’ finances. Subsequent amounts leak through the fingers and instead of growing, the company loses and falls Read More

How to make a loan

The average salary in Croatia is around USD 5500, and managers exceed that amount by 130 percent. The fact is, however, that most Croats fall into that average and often make ends meet. All this is still a home budget and can handle when there are no extraordinary circumstances, and they are, as we all Read More